"In Wonders We Sail, Questing for the Answers in Veil"

Saturday, September 3, 2011


          The highest tantric practices are the ten schools of mahavidya (the great knowledge), and among them Sri Vidya is the most complete and comprehensive. (The practices related to the other nine maha vidyas are subsumed, directly or indirectly, in Sri Vidya.)

          The goal of Sri Vidya is to give the aspirant a direct experience of the primordial life-force, or shakti, that holds all the cells and molecules of the body in place. This life-force is endowed with intrinsic intelligence; its vibration animates all creation; all forms of energy and matter emerge from it. And because this shakti vibrates in all aspects of creation, there is a perfect synchronicity among all forms of life. By unveiling the mystery of this life-force, Sri Vidya adepts are able to understand the relationship between the different parts of the body, between the body and the mind, between humans and plants, and ultimately between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

          When the adepts discovered how to access this shakti and the domain of matter and energy animated by it they were able to pinpoint the precise nature and characteristics of the forces governing our anatomy and physiology as well as all other aspects of nature. And to communicate this knowledge to those who had not had the direct experience, tantrics referred to these forces as "deities," explaining that any deity (force) that dwells within us also dwells outside us. The deity that governs the formation of the human fetus, for example,also governs the germination of a seed. By knowing the nature of the force that regulates the development of the fetus we can also know the nature of the force that regulates the sprouting of a seed, and vice versa. This is the basic premise underlying all tantric thinking.

          The tantrics developed another method of communicating their knowledge: yantras, or diagrams that express a practice visually. Just as modern scientists have developed equations such as E=mc2 to communicate their knowledge, so have the tantrics developed equations to communicate theirs - yantras are equations expressed in the language of geometry. There are hundreds of yantras,some simple, some extremely complex.The most comprehensive of all is Sri Yantra (also called Sri Chakra), which contains the entire doctrine and practice of Sri Vidya.


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