"In Wonders We Sail, Questing for the Answers in Veil"

Occult and Spiritual Books

Chaos Encapsulated:
 Collected Thoughts, Aphorisms and Poems
Our voyage as human is embroiled in the essence of joy and misery; and during this unknown journey there comes a time we interrogate ourselves for a meaning. The moments our very thought cut through the veil of time to seek for the answers hidden beyond.

And let me tell you this before you read this book, that this collective work of mine is not stating any visions that humanity should know,in fact these perceptions are churned out of me in an altered stated that self-induced during my tiring-joyous journey called life. Revelations and answers Mother Nature wanted to express as an expression through me. And that's what it is all in the end,and that's all it matters. Finding your true expression, of who you are? And what you are? 

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The Archetypes: Interpreting Spiritual and
Occult Symbolisms
The title contains five chapters with pictorial presentations that explain the hidden meaning and symbolisms portrayed in today’s mass-media, corporate logos and religious texts. The book is the first edition of a series that will be followed in coming months. Showing how symbols can lead to transformational and psychological resonance. In these five chapters, the title explores in detail the occult and spiritual dimension in the symbolism of ‘transcendence’ portrayed in many movies, the meaning behind Stanley Kubrick’s magnum opus ‘2001: A Space Odyssey, the symbolism and meaning behind the controversial music video ‘Hurricane’ by Thirty Seconds to Mars, secret behind the famous Apple’s Inc ‘logo’ and finally the explaining the real meaning of the mythical ‘Garden of Eden.’

Many of the signs portrayed in these mediums are hard to decipher, and barely recognizable while viewing as a viewer. Hence leaping into deeper perspective needs time, commitment and more over judgement without prejudice. Due to this reason, each chapter are carefully woven for the readers to comprehend the truth, rather than propagating falsehood.

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A Book of Collected
 Occult and Spiritual Poetries
The ultimate success in a life is not by triumphing good over evil, perhaps balancing the good and evil aspect of life. It is this balance that sustains that everything that ever existed in this cosmos. My each verse is in this book, is contemplation or attempts to comprehend that greater balance that exists beyond our current mundane mind.

The first poem ‘Monster’ tells us that the monsters you fear exist not in elsewhere other than in you; While the Poem ‘Choice’ whispers the secret of ‘freewill’ in this life, whether you choose right or the wrong choice, each choice is an adventure of its own to build your soul and spirit; that whatever is breaking you is making you in some way. Hence, each poem is a secret wisdom for you to unravel. It might not give you the same insight one person grasp while reading this book, but the ultimate purpose is to incept the very idea of that great existential truth as a human being we have on this earth.

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